Web Utility

    12ft.io Bypass things like newspaper paywalls.
    8mb - Video Decompressor.
    webqc - Chemistry Balancer.
    midomi - Basically Shazam (but Desktop).
    webcode.tools - Extremely Useful Tool for Making Animated Css Without an Uneccescary Headache.


Software Utility

    Vscode - Preferred code editor.
    Northstar - Community based servers for titanfall 2 (god bless the community.)
    Ubuntu - Ubuntu on windows (which i only have cause the dumb neocities cli won't work on windows.)
    Syncterm - Preferred bss terminal program.
    Rainmeter - Add custom widgets and more to your desktop (i use in conjunction with wallpaper engine.)
    Opera - Preferred web browser.
    Parsec - Remote desktop for games + misc (or dicking around with your friends like me.)
    Sharex - Preferred screenshot and gif recording software (this is just actually superior.)


Kool and Kquirky

    Nukemap - See what a nuclear missle would do to a city!.