Jan. 12th, 2021

I'm kinda busy at the moment. Wont be updating SOTD or adding new content, I plan on doing a design rework eventually though.



Dec. 24th, 2021

I don't have alot to write aobut. I probably should've noted that I'm not good at the self-reflection or remembering literally anything thing. However! It is Christmas Eve (which is when my family celebrates.) I got what I hoped for and also got to buy others gifts this time around since I finally have my own job and money. I hope anybody reading this has a great Christmas, god bless yall!


Re/New? Design

Dec. 14th, 2021

I created my first attempt at making a website on June 3, 2021. I worked on it for about a month before I just forgot or stopped caring about it. It was fun to make and all but felt a little messy and my knowledge of HTML was really dwinlding, so I thought I'd do a redisgn for shits and giggles :D